Streamline your hips

Streamline your hips

You do not need to have the body of a supermodel to look and feel fantastic, nor should you starve yourself in order to try and achieve such a look. Not only is it unhealthy for the body to try and force it in to becoming something it is not, it is in all probability a look that cannot be maintained without causing more harm to your health. So what is the answer? Body Fit Direct stock a line of products that are capable of producing a great look for the woman who is a little larger than average with the Thermal Zipper Girdle Panty Plus

The highlight features of this garment are:-

  • Specialized fabric of high compression with thermal abdominal zone.
  • Reduces waist and hips up to two (2) sizes.
  • Zipper with internal cloth pins Flexible structure to avoid roll up.
  • Lifts up the buttocks.

Designed for the larger lady and is available in four sizes – 2XL, 3XL, 4XL & 5XL. We are not suggesting for one minute that this will make you look and feel like a supermodel and in fairness that is not its purpose, it is designed to hug the body and act a little like a corset, reducing the inches where you want them reduced the most.

In addition to reducing the appearance of the size of the hips this garment will give you that extra confidence as you can visibly see the difference and feeling good about yourself will help to keep a healthy mind and give you the boost you need to live life to the full.

That is was Body Fit Direct are all about – helping to make you look and feel really great about yourself, not only that but other people will admire the new look you project and the confidence you will emit.