Lovely leggings

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Lovely Leggings

This week leggings are taking center stage for this week’s Body Fit Direct blog. Although a fairly basic garment we could talk forever about leggings and we suspect one article cannot do sufficient justice to the topic so we are going to embark on mini-series beginning with their purpose and origins.

Leggings are a skin-tight garment that cover the lags and are worn by both sexes, young and old. They were originally a 2 piece garment, one piece of material for each leg, more like stockings but nowadays are more commonly available as a single garment to cover both legs. A wide range of materials are used – cotton, a polyester blend, spandex, lycra, nylon but other materials are sometimes used, such as wool or silk to mention just two.

In addition to the vast range of materials the colors and designs available are even more astonishing with bright colors for children to more plain or subtle colors for the adult ranges. Included in the adult ranges there are some brighter colors also, with red being a good example. Red is often seen as being sexy when used for bras or panties, and so too for leggings, there’s just something about the color that sparks something inside of us.

Leggings can be worn exposed to the full but it is more common to see them worn covered partially by other clothing, shorts or short skirt for example but also sometimes fully covered by trousers or a skirt that is full length, in such cases they are typically used to create a layer of insulation to maintain the bodies temperature. Leggings however serve other purposes; they protect the skin from chafing during exercise or other physical activities and frequently worn solely for fashion and to look great.

Please return next week when Body Fit Direct go further in to leggings and more specifically their history.