Do you really know your bra size?

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Do you really know your bra size?

Continuing from last week Body Fit Direct are going to have a deeper look in to bra’s and the range of sizes and how to determine the right size. Considering the bra is not exactly a complicated item of underwear it is surprising just how many women do not wear the right bra size for them, the figure is actually estimated to be as high as 80%! There are many reasons as to why the wrong sized bra is bought but the prevailing reason is that the bust size has not been calculated correctly. There is a tendency to simply buy the same size that was being worn before although in some cases where the straps are tight the next size up is bought. For example the owner of a 34C bra will step up to a 36C bra if the straps were tight. Yes the straps will not cut in to the skin this way but it does not mean the bra size is actually right.

In the United States the sizes available range from 28 up to 56, in increments of 2, with a staggering range of bra cup sizes from AA to O (16 cup sizes). The average size bust is typically declared to be 36C, however this has been derived from sales of bra’s and not based on research. A more appropriate size for many may well have been 32DD or 30E as the band size of the bra has not been taken in to consideration and the band size is so important to calculating the correct size and the first measurement that should be taken.

When measuring you need to use a tape measure that is soft and flexible and standing upright with your shoulders and back straight and comfortable and it is very important to be totally relaxed, not holding in your breathe or pushing out your chest.

Body Fit Direct will explain the correct method of measuring the bust size.