Girdles are Great

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Girdles are great

This week Body Fit Direct would like to introduce you to the girdle, a garment that is worn around the lower torso that occasionally extends beyond the hips and they are typically worn as a support item. The original meaning of the word ‘girdle’ was a belt though over the years the meaning has changed to describe a garment that is commonly used as a woman’s foundation garment. The corset was the original garment for this purpose but the girdle, once introduced around the turn of the 20th century, the girdle soon became the popular choice for women and until the 1960’s was considered as an essential item of under wear. Since those days the humble girdle has seen a steady decline in popularity as pantyhose came to prominence but girdles are still worn to the very day by a wide range of people.

Although we have mentioned use by women above on more than one occasion, girdles are not strictly for the female wear, they have historically featured is the men’s closet too. Stage and movie actors have made use of girdles to tuck away a few excess pounds around the tummy area and create a more ‘ideal’ shape, the bottom line thinking behind a girdle.

As with the corset, girdles attract a level of eroticism with some men finding women to be more desirable when wearing them and some men will even wear the female girdles to achieve a certain look. They certainly do improve the form of the body when worn so it comes as no real surprise that they can be worn to create that ‘perfect’ image around the tummy, bottom and hips.

Body Fit Direct stocks the Powernet Girdle range, currently in sizes 32-40 in black or natural color. The full range of Body Fit Direct range girdles can be viewed here.