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Body Fit Direct is here

Body Fit Direct is a retail outlet supplying a massive range of clothing and undergarments to make you look and feel fantastic. You may already have an ideal body shape but it can be further enhanced by wearing the right clothing to transform your look from amazing to sensational.

So what do we stock that can create such a stunning transformation? Well, actually rather a lot – The full range of garments we stock are:-

Bodies, Long full bodies, Outfit bodies, Panties, T-shirts, Shorts / Capri, Girdles, Leggings, Pantyhose, Bras, Dresses, Slacks, Leggings and Socks and everything is available for  women, men, boys and girls. …..and each week we will be gradually introducing you to the entire range of products we have available.

One question we are often asked is why women want to wear pantyhose? The simple answer is to make them look and feel great. They add definition to the natural shape of the legs that are already curvy and the look can be sensational, the really smooth pantyhose are a fantastic choice to achieve this look. They are also perhaps the most feminine garment a woman wears, which in turn has created a bit of a stigmatization should a man want to wear them, something we will cover at a later date.

There are pantyhose available that enhance more than just the legs though and the opportunity to enhance the bottom, waist and even the ankles is there. Additionally, and this is a massive change from the traditional ‘hose’ is they are being manufactured to incorporate certain additives such as Caffeine, Aloe among others. The Caffeine can improve the texture of the skin and the Aloe has a moisturizing effect.

Next week we will have a look at the history of pantyhose and move on to when men should wear them in the near future.