Clothing Materials


Clothing Materials

The development of clothes and clothing materials remained quite static until the invention of artificial fabrics such as Nylon, Lycra, PVC and so on but thanks to these artificial fabrics the range of clothing available today is simply quite staggering. Just about any garment can be made from any material and in any pattern or color, a far cry from just about a century ago. So let’s venture far back in time to the days when cavemen and dinosaurs roamed the planet and move forward over the next couple of weeks to catch up with the modern day fabrics.

Primitive man (and woman) were hunters and gatherers, primarily for food, but soon reasoned that the hides from the animals they killed could serve another purpose and so loin cloths and other rather crude articles of clothing came in to being with the sole objective of covering the skin from the elements handed out by the weather. Very little thought, if any, went in to design as they were made purely for practical reasons.

History suggest the next leap in clothing was when sheep’s wool was used around 6000 BC but again the clothing was somewhat crude and rugged but probably more comfortable than any else that was available at the time. The wool would have be plucked or torn from the animals skin and woven together to create something that could be worn. 

Silk appears to be the next stage of development, a material harvested from silkworms and Caterpillars in the Far East from China and down in to Thailand, where silk is still manufactured is large quantities for worldwide retail markets. It is believed that Silk clothing first made an appearance around 3500 BC in China. Silk is still considered by many people as a luxury clothing material and it is not hard to see why, the look and feel of modern day Silk garments are wonderful to the eye.